SEO Packages (Prices Current as of November 2014):


1) Do It Yourself SEO Package: Complete website evaluation report with details plus 2 hours consulting: $995


2) Website SEO Tune-up: This is the Do It Yourself Package but I do the work: $1895


3) Website Keyword Refocus: This is the Website SEO Tune-up Package plus creating new content/pages to lure Google into ranking you high on 10 different keyword terms: $3995


4) Website Keyword Refocus/Maintenance/Monitoring: This is the Website SEO Keyword Refocus Package plus 3 months of keyword term ranking monitoring and modifying the website to achieve high ranking: $4995


5) Website Keyword Refocus/Maintenance/Monitoring (20 KW Terms/6 months): This is the Website SEO Keyword Refocus/Maintenance/Monitoring Package for a total of 6 months and 20 keyword terms: $6995


6) Website Keyword Refocus/Maintenance/Monitoring (60 KW Terms/12 months): This is the Website SEO Keyword Refocus/Maintenance/Monitoring Package for a total of 12 months and 60 keyword terms: $9995



Full SEO Packages and Submission Service:

A comprehensive website optimization and site promotion seo packages. Please see our SEO Packages page for details on this. We have broken our packages into several levels, but by no means does this mean you have to pick a specific package. We can customize seo packages to your needs and budget.

Link Building SEO Packages:

Increase your popularity with thousands of in-bound links. We have a very comprehensive strategy for accomplishing this for you. Visit our One Way Links and SEO Marketing pages for details. With our one way links we provide you with valuable keyword rich links by the hundreds or thousands depending on your needs. SEO Marketing gets your site visibility and hundreds of in-bound links through our press release and ghost writing for article creation. We also distribute your press releases and articles for you.

Website Optimization SEO Packages:

By reviewing your site, we will find the trouble spots and recommend how to optimize your site so that it can be properly indexed by the search engines. This can involve as little work as modify the text on your pages, to a full website redesign. We will tell you what we think must be done for best success and then we can balance the actual work done to keep it in your budget. A lot on-page and on-site optimization can be done with very little work. It's the last 20% that requires a lot of work and usually involves inter-page relationships (inner site linking and page linking content relation).

Keyword Research is a part of all SEO packages:

There is no point in optimizing your site if we have not clearly defined what keywords best describe your service and/or product(s). We will discuss with you your business to better understand what it is you do, review your current website, look at your competitors, and then begin an exhaustive research of which keywords to choose that will give you the most traffic for the least cost. After all, if you make more money we make more money through references and your continued business.

Free SEO Packages Consultation:

We provide free SEO consultation for the life of your contract with us. What does this mean? It means you may call us or e-mail us at any time to ask us questions on work performed, current work in-progress, future work or any other topic we can help with.



SEO Packages